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Copyright Policy

Policy regarding materials posted on OWL-Space

Rice University, the Information Technology Department, and the EdTech group make the OWL-Space environment available to Rice University faculty, students and staff to carry out academic research and instructional activities. The University, the IT Department and the EdTech group perform a Service Provider function and therefore it is the responsibility of the users to make sure that they have acquired the proper permissions and rights to post and publish materials via the OWL-Space environment.  Information on determining copyright status and general information about fair use can be found on the library’s website at http://library.rice.edu/collections/WRC/reproduction-publishing/wrc-guide-to-copyright.

In case of reported violations to copyright laws, the user in violation will be asked to remove the materials from the OWL-Space environment.  At its discretion, the University, the IT Department or the EdTech group can close sites, terminate user accounts or take other actions considered necessary to address any reported violations.  These actions will not necessarily be enough to satisfy copyright owners and the settlement of the reported violation will be the responsibility of the user and the copyright owner. The University, the IT Department and the EdTech group will, if required, hand over usage records to the appropriate authorities.

Furthermore, the usage of the OWL-Space environment is a privilege governed by Rice’s Appropriate Use of Computer Resources Policy as specified in http://www.rice.edu/it/vpit/aup.html.