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Helpful Hints

Please note: This page is under development. More information will continuously be added to this page.

Did you know that the Search Sites link, located on the left hand menu of the OWL-Space main page (https://owlspace-ccm.rice.edu before logging in), allows anyone to view a course’s publicly available Syllabus, Resources, and more?

You can reorder the list of sites on the top menu bar by clicking on My Workspace, then Preferences, and then Customize Tabs.

If you open up more than one window with student Assignment submissions at the same time, the grades/comments may be sent to the wrong student. This is because of the state remembering feature of OWL-Space.

If you enter a grade in the Assignments tool and press enter, instead of returning or saving the assignment it just reloads the page and loses the grade and all the comments.

OWL-Space accounts for non-Rice collaborators/instructors/students can be requested by simply emailing the OWL-Space site title along with their names and email addresses to an OWL-Space admin.

A person’s Rice NetID is needed in order to add them to an OWL-Space site. The system won’t recognize a person by a vanity email id or the long email id (joe.d.smith).

The Tests & Quizzes tool can be used for anonymous surveying.

A Wiki tool is available for use in every OWL-Space site. Wikis can be used to collaboratively create summaries, shared bibliographies, class essays, and much more. This tool can be added by any Instructor/PI via the Site Info tool.

Links to RSS feeds can be added to the left hand tool bar of your site. One list of RSS feeds can be found at http://radio.xmlstoragesystem.com/rcsPublic/rssHotlist

Groups can be set up within your site. By setting up groups, you can send emails to a small group of students, post Resources or Assignments that are visible to only a subset of your students, and more. More information on setting up groups can be found on the OWL-Space Solutions page.

Any folder in the Resources area of your course can be set up so that students can upload files that are viewable by the rest of the class. In this way, groups can share their projects, and much more.

If you are asking students to Resubmit assignments, be sure to use the Return button, and not the Release Grades button, to return the grades to your students. There is a bug (which will be fixed in the summer upgrade) that causes a student to no longer be able to resubmit if the Release Grades button has been pushed.

More helpful information can be found in the OWL-Space FAQ.

If you have any Helpful Hints that you’d like to pass on to fellow OWL-Space users, please send your suggestions to sakai@rice.edu.