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Summer ’13 New Features

Numerous new and improved features and tools will be available in OWL-Space after the summer upgrade. These include:

New Sign-up Tool

  • New tool that allows faculty to create sign-ups for students
  • Ability to have waiting list
  • Ability to track attendance
  • Owlspace group can be automatically created for each sign-up participant list for targeted communications

New Tutorial

  • New basic tutorial that pops up for new users


  • Ability to upload a zipped file

  • Ability to download a zipped file containing all resource content

  • Option to create a short url for accessing a particular resource item

Publish Site

  • One click option now for instructors to publish their course site for student access

New Look

  • A new overall look and feel to OWL-Space

  • Easier navigation to tools within a particular site

Easier Tab Organization

  • Ability to drag and drop and move multiple tabs around

New Search Features

  • Ability to search a site for a particular file
  • Note: Since this tool is still being testing, the search “All My Sites” option will only search sites that have added the Search tool to the left hand tool menu

New Math Editor

  • Ability to add equations when using the built in text editor by clicking on the Summation symbol on the right hand side of the editor options

  • LaTEX or MathML can be pasted in to create equations

  • The current implementation creates an image file once editing is complete, thus not allowing for editing

New Chat Feature

  • Ability to start chat with any fellow classmate that’s logged into a course site
  • Can create “connections” with fellow owlspace users and can chat with them at any time

Profiles in Forums

  • Ability to view a user’s profile and profile photo in Forums