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Summer ’14 New Features

Numerous new and improved features and tools will be available in OWL-Space after the summer upgrade. These include:

Updated Look

Updated look and feel

Longer Time Out

User time out is now increased to 2 hours

Server Time

The owlspace server time is now listed on the bottom right hand corner of every owlspace page.  Students will be able to know down to the second when an assignment/quiz is closing:

New Syllabus Tool

Completely revised Syllabus tool

  • ability to have a table of contents view
  • Bulk upload multiple items

new syllabus view


More subscription options

Text Editor

New audio record option

  • Record comments for each student
  • Ad hoc audio recording in quiz questions, announcements, etc

new audio recording widget

Ability to link directly to Assignments, Resources, Forums, and Quizzes from anywhere in owlspace

entity picker


Peer Review Available

Group Submissions and group grading with the ability to override a grade for a particular member of the group as needed

assignments peer assessment and group submission options

Ability to hide due date from students


Upload a file to multiple student drop boxes at one time

upload to multiple student drop boxes at one time

 Tool Header

Direct url available for each tool at top right of the page

direct link option


Drag and drop files (and Folders in Chrome)

drag and drop files into resources

Tests & Quizzes

New user viewable log for student quiz/exam submissions

event log for students

New Question Types

  • Extended Matching Items
  • Calculated Question

calculated question example

New Audio Recording widget

More user friendly settings menus

tests and quizzes menu


Ability to add Extra Credit

extra credit options in grade book

Site Info

Groups can now be joinable

More user friendly edit tools selection page

edit tools page

Page Order now includes a sort alphabetically option

Import from site now runs in the background and emails you when completed

External Tool (LTI)

Additional functionality

Ability to send grades back to owlspace from an external tool


Ranks can be created based on post count or role

new rankings option in forums

Ability to move a thread to a different topic


More Streamlined menus

lessons menu screen

Add questions directly to lesson page

  • Can use to poll students in class

polling within lessons tool

Broader support for audio/video (HTML5)

Portal Chat

Video chat available

Ability to permanently opt out

Help Menu

Redesigned help menus